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Yosef Lindell
Yosef Lindell is a lawyer, writer, and lecturer living in Silver Spring, MD. He has an MA in Jewish history from Yeshiva University and a JD from NYU Law, where he was a Tikvah Scholar in 2011. His essays and articles have appeared in The Atlantic, The Forward, Modern Judaism, The Journal of Law and Religion, and other places. You can find out more about Yosef’s writing at his website,

The Life and Death of Moses’ Staff

Yosef Lindell tracks the Staff of Moses throughout its amazing "life".

Revealed yet Concealed: the Meaning of Aseret Ha-Dibrot

Yosef Lindell explores the true nature of the Aseret ha-Dibrot.

A Call For a New Modern Orthodox Humash

A call for a new Modern Orthodox Humash, and a history of the current ones, by Yosef Lindell.