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Tzvi Sinensky
Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky is Rosh Beit Midrash of Kohelet Yeshiva in Lower Merion, PA, where he is the architect and lead teacher of a cutting-edge community education program. He serves as the school’s halakhic authority and teaches high school courses in Talmud, Jewish thought, and Jewish views of intimacy, as well as an interdisciplinary course on Jewish & Western philosophy and the humanities, for which he was recently awarded the inaugural Kohelet Prize.

Revisiting Mendelssohn’s Living Script

Tzvi Sinensky responds to Lawrence Kaplan and continues the discussion on Mendelssohn and Jewish law.
Dr. Norman Lamm

Dr. Norman Lamm’s Trailblazing Talmudic Methodology

Tzvi Sinensky makes a case to consider Rabbi Norman Lamm as pathbreaking Talmud innovator.

Resurrecting Moses Mendelssohn

Tzvi Sinensky As chronicled in Robert Putnam’s 2000 classic book, Bowling Alone, loneliness is one of the vexing challenges of modern life. The advent of the...

Narcissus and the Nazir

Tzvi Sinensky explores the Talmudic version of the Roman myth of Narcissus

Hillel’s Living God

Tzvi Sinensky offers a fresh look at one of Rabbinic Judaism's most important mottos.

Adult Education: A New Frontier in the Jewish Day School Movement?

Tzvi Sinensky argues for importance of adult education, and asks what role day schools and other communal institutions might play in promoting it.

Lay-Rabbinic Relations: The Present Moment and the Path Ahead

Tzvi Sinensky contributes to the Lehrhaus Symposium on the recent OU statement regarding female clergy.

Searching for the Vatican’s Menorah

Tzvi Sinensky on the lost Menorah, the Vatican theory, and the ideology of the search and mythology.

There’s No Need to Sacrifice Sacrifice: A Response to Rabbi Herzl Hefter

Tzvi Sinensky responds to Herzl Hefter's Akeida essay.

Rebbe Without Walls: The Slonimer Sensation

Tzvi Sinensky on The Slonimer's contemporary popularity