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Ranana Dine
Ranana Dine is a graduate student at the University of Cambridge. She majored in art and religion at Williams College and was co-president of the college's Jewish Association. She has studied at the Drisha Institute and Mechon Hadar.

In the Shadow of God: The Mishkan’s “Constructive” Theology

Ranana Dine compares Christian and Jewish views on the value of having a beautiful Temple.

A Religion Without Visual Art? The Rav and the Myth of Jewish Art

If Kant or Hegel had read Rambam or the Shulhan Arukh, they might have known that Jewish law does not actually proscribe the creation of images. But that was not the way of history. It is important to reclaim visual culture and aesthetics for religious Judaism so that beauty can be allowed to inspire halakhically bound actions, to color worship, and give meaning to our rituals.