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Dan Margulies

Dan Margulies is the Rabbi of The Riverdale Minyan, teaches Talmud on the faculty of the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, and is a post-semikhah student at YU-RIETS. Previously he served as Assistant Rabbi at Hebrew Institute of Riverdale–The Bayit and as Co-Director of Community Learning at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. Dan is an alumnus of Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi, Columbia University, and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah where he received semikhah.

The Hazon Ish Wasn’t Writing About Using Computers

Dan Margulies explains the Hazon Ish's discussion about the problem of using electricity on Shabbat, with implications for Zoom Sedarim.

Where in my Apartment Should I Light my Hanukkah Lamps?

Dan Margulies explores various opinions on where to light a Hanukah Lamp in dorms and apartments.

Can I Use Zip-Ties To Hold Down My Sekhakh?

Dan Margulies offers a rundown of the sukkah zip-tie construction, the next great halakhic frontier